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  • Symmetrical heat sink exclusively designed for ELITE PLUS DDR5.
  • Through special processing, the heat sink in plain design is equipped with properties including scratch resistance, acid resistance, anti-corrosion, and non-conduction, offering comprehensive protection for the DDR5 memory module.
  • The initial launch of the 6000MHz module increased performance by over 50% from that of the DDR4 with a 3200MHz limit.
  • The enhanced speed enables upgraded high-performance operation quality.
  • The standard operating voltage of DDR5 is 1.1V, compared with the 1.2V required for DDR4, it reduces the power consumption of bandwidth units and computer loading.
  • In addition, the DDR5 module is equipped with a power management IC for enhanced power system configuration, enhanced transmission quality, and reduction of noise interference to the minimum.
  • ELITE PLUS DDR5 comes with a complete range of sing-channel and dual-channel specifications from 8GB to 32GB.
  • In line with JEDEC standards, a single memory can be up to 128GB, exceeding the limit of user memory capacity for smooth multitasking experiences.
  • The structure of the DDR5 module, compared with that of DDR4, has increased the number of banks from 16 to 32.
  • The minimal burst length is increased from 8 folds to 16 folds.
  • It can process doubled data volume in the same amount of time, which is key to improving operational efficiency.
  • DDR5 memory module supports On-die ECC error correction.
  • It can repair DRAM units through its built-in functions to reduce the risk of data errors, offering enhanced stability to systems that adopt ELITE PLUS DDR5.
  • ELITE PLUS DDR5 is compatible with the DDR5 platforms of Intel and AMD systems.
  • Users can rest assured in choosing the best option for an upgrade.
  • P/N: TPBD516G5200HC42DC01
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