Logitech G502X CORDED WHITE GamingMouse

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  • Logitech G502 X White is the latest addition to legendary Logitech G502 lineage. Redesigned and reinvented with the most innovative gaming technologies, including our first-ever hybrid optical-mechanical LIGHTFORCE switches. Now, incredible speed and reliability, as well as precise actuation, are one.
  • Breakthrough hybrid optical-mechanical switches achieve higher levels of speed and reliability through optical actuation. While mechanical actuation maintains the crisp, tactile feedback that players demand.
  • Our most advanced gaming sensor achieves sub-micron accuracy with zero smoothing, filtering and acceleration. With superior tracking and smart energy consumption, HERO 25K delivers unrivaled performance, power efficiency and precision.
  • We redesigned the DPI-Shift button so you can choose the right configuration for your grip and style. Remove and reverse to bring it closer to your thumb, or replace it with the included blank cover.
  • Iconic Logitech G502 X White design meets an impressive weight reduction down to 89 grams thanks to thin-wall exoskeleton for minimum material and maximum rigidity, lightened scroll wheel, and more.
  • Spin the lightened wheel freely in hyper fast mode. Switch with a click to ratcheted mode for precise scrolling. Tilt left and right for two additional, fully programmable controls.
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