Corsair CPU Cooler iCUE H150i ELITE CAPTLLIX

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  • The CORSAIR iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT Liquid CPU Cooler provides powerful, high-performance cooling for your processor, with CORSAIR AF RGB ELITE fans, a 360mm radiator, and ultra-bright CAPELLIX LEDs.
  • All-in-one liquid coolers don’t dissipate processor heat inside the case like traditional air coolers, but instead guide it to the edge of the case and blow it out with dedicated fans.
  • This results in cooler components and less noise.
  • The ELITE CAPELLIX XT is an upgrade to our most powerful CPU cooler.
  • Includes our best performing AF RGB ELITE fans.Uses extreme performance XTM70 thermal paste.
  • Provides superior lighting effects with CAPELLIX LEDs.
  • CORSAIR AF RGB ELITE PWM fans deliver massive low-noise airflow with AirGuide technology for extreme CPU cooling performance.
  • Anti-vortex vanes ensure more uniform airflow over radiator fins and more optimal heat dissipation.
  • All ELITE CAPELLIX XT AIOs include pre-applied CORSAIR XTM70 Extreme Performance thermal paste for maximum heat transfer from your high-end processor to the cooler cold plate.
  • For reliably high cooling performance, every step in the heat transfer and dissipation chain matters.
  • P/N: CW-9060070-WW
  Estimated Delivery:  Mar 04 Mar 06
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