AFOX VGA GT240 1GB DDR3 128Bit

Call for Price

  • AFOX GeForce GT 240 provides support for the new DirectX 10.1 hardware, so both the game screen and the execution performance will be better than the older generation products.
  • The biggest feature of GT 240 is still adopting 40nm process technology, which is outstanding in power consumption test.
  • In the test, GT 240 has higher performance than GeForce 9600 GT, but its power consumption is much lower, which shows that 40nm process technology brings high execution efficiency to the new generation of graphics cards, and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
  • On the whole, GT 240 with DDR3 is positioned as an entry-level stable graphics card in the market, supports high-definition video and various graphics software, and has excellent performance in daily office work.
  • P/N:AF240-1024D3L2.
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